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Impromtus ("Stegreife")

Impromtus ("Stegreife")

Impromptus train the ability to work on complex tasks and to produce solutions ready for presentation within a limited time frame. This teaching method is offered in loose succession; for lower semesters as day impromptu and in higher semesters as week impromptu. Topics include applied techniques of working methods, such as the use of GIS for landscape planning questions or content and thematic solutions for planning details.  

Example of a weekly impromptu

As part of a weekly impromptu in the winter semester 2020/21, students were asked to design excursion offers in the Hanover region that convey a positive image of renewable energies (RE) and show why the expansion of RE does not have to be in conflict with the protection of species. The week-long excursion was supervised by Dr. Julia Thiele.


Gruppe 1: Schulze und Franzen

Gruppe 2: Stanislawski und Wienberg

Gruppe 3: Heitmann und Henssen

Gruppe 4: Brennecke und Speidel

Gruppe 5: Vogt und Klüver

Gruppe 6: Dollwet

Gruppe 7: Schill