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Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology

Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology


Currently, we are addressing the following questions in our research projects:

  • How can peatland sites be renaturalized if they have been degraded in such a way that they contribute to promoting insect diversity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions?
  • How can wet grasslands be protected, so they are still suitable for grassland birds under climate change impacts?
  • What is the contribution of paludiculture (reeds, cattails, peat mosses) to biodiversity conservation?
  • Which animal species live in open-space photovoltaic plants?
  • What are the effects of hydropower use and flood dynamics on floodplain communities on alpine rivers?


In our study projects and theses, students deal with problems, goals and measures of zoological species conservation and the protection and development of habitats. The spectrum of species groups we look at ranges from mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians to various insect groups (e.g., dragonflies, butterflies, grasshoppers). The content deals with current topics such as insect diversity and renaturation of peatlands, promotion of faunal biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, measures for adaptation to climate change, more wilderness in the city, compatibility of renewable energies and zoological species conservation. In field exercises, we also impart knowledge of native species and suitable recording methods. We promote practical relevance through cooperation with authorities, nature conservation associations, or involvement in our research projects.