Welcome to the Institute of Environmental Planning!

At the Institute of Environmental Planning, the comprehensive protection of nature and the environment is a core topic. This includes the coordination and moderation of different land-use demands, while pursuing sustainable development.

Questions that we answer in research and teaching include:

  • How does a river landscape become "wild" again?
  • How can we combine coastal protection and nature conservation?
  • What kind of wild plants and animals live in biomass crops?
  • How can a nature-compatible energy supply from 100 % renewable energies succeed?
  • How can planning processes become more effective through modern communication technology?
  • Where are our villages heading?
  • What is actually a ‚nice landscape‘?

On the following pages we provide information about our teaching and research areas and you can get to know our facilities and employees.

Information about the current CORONA rules at Leibniz University can be found here.