Welcome to the Institute of Environmental Planning!

At the Institute of Environmental Planning, the comprehensive protection of nature and the environment is a core topic. This includes the coordination and moderation of different land-use demands, while pursuing sustainable development.

In research and teaching, we answer the following questions, for example:

  • How is climate change affecting plants in the Harz Mountains and the Luneburg Heath?
  • Which plants are best at stabilizing banks and slopes?
  • What is the fox doing in the city parks?
  • How can the planning process be made more effective through modern communications technology?
  • In what direction are our villages developing?
  • What is actually a ‚nice landscape‘?

The renowned online magazine "Berufsreport" has published a descriptive presentation of our professional field.

On the following pages we provide information about our teaching and research areas and you can get to know our facilities and employees.