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Facade greening and (PV) green roofs Hanover

Bicycle excursion: Facade greening and (PV) green roofs in Hannover-Linden

Many people in Hannover regularly cycle through their own district. But how many little green oases above our heads have we all cycled past without taking any notice of them? On 25 August 2020, a group of nine students with Anna-Lena Vollheyde, led by Jana Lübbert from BUND Hannover, trained their eye for this during a cycling excursion through Hannover-Linden.

The students learned about the different types of roof and façade greening, their benefits for people, animals and the climate, as well as ways of implementation and financing. A subsequent visit to the roofing company Ewald was followed by a change of perspective: during a tour of the company's PV green roof, the students learned more about the synergies that can arise between solar power generation and green roofs - and how beautiful it can be on a green roof.