Erasmus Intensive Programm 2013, Oradea:

Spatial planning and sustainable urban transport systems

From March 6 to 17, 2013, the spatial planning departments of the Universities of Oradea, Bologna, UWE Bristol, Hannover, Nijmegen and Tours jointly conducted an intensive seminar in Oradea within the framework of the ERASMUS IP program of the EU. Six students and two lecturers from each of these universities worked for twelve days on the topic of "Spatial planning and sustainable urban transport systems". For this purpose, they had each prepared a case study from their country at their home university, which was first presented in Oradea. Using map techniques, all students together distilled the quintessence from the international case studies.

Then they were introduced to the transport system and urban development in Oradea through lectures and visits. The main problem is the large number of uncoordinated new development areas on the outskirts of the city, whose development effort prevents the renovation of the infrastructure in the historic city center. In particular, the local transportation system no longer meets requirements, and the new development areas are hardly connected to public transportation in any meaningful way.

In a week-long competition, six multinational teams made proposals for more sustainable development in the sense of unified planning of settlement and transport. The final presentation of the ideas was followed closely by various stakeholders