Start of the semester at MOORIZ - Moor Information Centre Wedemark Resse

The Institute for Environmental Planning invited all new Master's students and all "old hands" from the higher semesters to an environmental work camp in the Hanover Moorland on 17 and 18 October 2013. The work camp, organised by Dr. Eick von Ruschkowski and Dr. Stefan Rüter, is part of the introductory week in the Master's programme in Environmental Planning.

The students should get an overview of study contents in the field of environmental planning and their practical implementation by means of a concrete example in the Hanover region. In addition, the work camp offers students the opportunity to get to know each other better and to exchange ideas about their studies, life in Hanover or other topics.

This year, possibilities and projects for peatland protection were discussed on the basis of the four raised bogs Helstorfer, Otternhagener, Bissendorfer and Schwarzes Moor northwest of Hanover. Susanne Brosch (NLWKN) and Marcel Hollenbach (Region Hannover) gave a presentation on the large-scale nature conservation project "LIFE+ Hannoversche Moorgeest" at the MOORiZ - Moor Information Centre Wedemark-Resse. Ludwig Uphues (NABU) and Karl-Heinz Müller (Bürger für Resse e.V.) gave further presentations on the main activities of the local nature conservation and citizens' associations.

The programme was rounded off by work activities in the Helstorfer Moor. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Eberhard Gärtner, the area's supervisor, students and IUP staff carried out weeding work.