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Aufgewühlt – Die Griese Gegend in Aufruhr

Aufgewühlt – Die Griese Gegend in Aufruhr. Churned - The area Griese Gegend in turmoil. A landscape thriller from the Institute for Environmental Planning.

The landscape thriller is the result of a student project. Knowledge about nature conservation and landscape was packaged entertainingly and a region was made tangible for locals and guests from a new perspective. The exciting story takes place on two time levels and in this way, illustrates the changes in the landscape. Current topics, such as the spread of the wolf, are also incorporated. A map enables orientation while reading, leads to the "crime scenes" and on a cycling tour through the area of the Grise Gegend.

Ahrens, Marian; Akimova, Vera; Berger, Lisa; Bernhardt, Jacob; Brinkmann, Tim; Fehrcke, Katja; Postel, Alena & Stöckmann, Friederike; Betreuung und Lektorat: Christina von Haaren und Fabian Wenger.
Published by the Institute for Environmental Planning itself, Hanover 2016, 180 p., with bike map.
ISBN 978-3-00-054621-1; 10 €.

Photo: Cover of the publication Photo: Cover of the publication Photo: Cover of the publication