AG Digitale Umweltplanung heißt Albana Berisha als Gastwissenschaftlerin an der Leibniz Universität Hannover willkommen!

WG Digital Environmental Planning welcomes Albana Berisha as a guest researcher at Leibniz University Hannover!

We warmly welcome Albana Berisha, an environmentalist with a focus on research and data analytics from Mitrovica, Kosovo.

Albana Berisha has been in Germany since February with a DBU scholarship and has completed an intensive German course. From March until at least the end of July she will work as a guest scientist in close cooperation with the junior research group SEE-URBAN-WATER at the Institute of Environmental Planning. Albana holds two master's degrees, one in Mediterranean Ecological Agriculture and one in Climate Change and Society.

During her stay, she is investigating on sustainable urban development and urban planning related environmental threats, using remote sensing and spatial analysis methods. She is particularly interested in the transfer of knowledge from research back to society with the help of maps.