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Engineering biology construction week on Langeoog 2007

Engineering biology construction week on Langeoog 2007

The engineering-biological construction week serves the execution of measures for dune protection and deals with coastal protection and nature conservation issues in the Wadden Sea Nature Park (

The construction week is intended for students of all study semesters to gain practical experience in the execution of construction measures. It is recognized to the students as a 5-day excursion. The lodging costs of this field trip are largely self-supporting, as the honored construction activities in the Dunes approximately cover the cost of lodging.

Generally, the construction week is offered twice a year, in the spring and fall during the dormant growing season. The engineering-biological construction activities to be carried out are light construction activities, such as planting stalk cuttings of the beach grass (Ammophila arenaria) for the development of the helmet dune community or setting vertically placed brushwood bundles (bush fences) to protect the foredune against wind erosion (sand drift) and to collect sand.

Currently, land-based reinforcement of the Pirolatal white dune is taking place on Langeoog to protect the freshwater lens behind it from saltwater intrusion. During the storm surges of the last two winters, a large part (18 m wide) of this protective dune was broken off and washed away.

A "landward reinforcement" means that a widening of the dune has been carried out with the heaping up of sand on the side facing the land. In order to establish a helmet dune community typical of the natural habitat on this artificially backfilled dune, culm cuttings have already been planted by students of this department in November 2007.