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Biotopes serve up!

Biotopes serve up! Information and recipes on biotopes in the district of Forchheim. A nature conservation cookbook from the Institute for Environmental Planning at Leibniz University Hannover.

Omelette with duckweed, nettle pancakes, braised knotweed - anyone interested in unusual dishes that also serve nature conservation will find numerous suggestions in this practical ring binder. Endangered habitats in the Franconian district of Forchheim are presented on the one hand with their species and biocoenoses, and on the other hand with the edible products that result from conservation-oriented land use. Since most of the ingredients of the dishes grow and thrive not only in Franconia, these results of a student project work are also interesting for nature conservation cooks in other regions.

The publication is based on a student project. It was supervised by Prof. Dr. Christina von Haaren and Dr. Miguel A. Cebrián-Piqueras. 

Anklam, Lana-Samira; Franz, Viviane; Göttgens, Lukas; Jacobs, Lea; Mittelstaedt, Anna; Philipp, Henrike; Senne, Maike; Stanke, Tabea & Stemwedel, Marleen; Lektorat und Redaktion: Christina von Haaren und Henrike Philipp.
Published by the Institute for Environmental Planning itself, Hanover 2017, 96 p.
ISBN 978-3-00-058454-1; 10 €

Photo: Cover of the publication Photo: Cover of the publication Photo: Cover of the publication