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Spatial Transformation

Processes, strategies, research design

authored by
Milad Abassiharofteh, Jessica Baier, Angelina Christine Grietje Göb, Insa Thimm, Andreas Eberth, Falco Knaps, Vilja Larjosto, Fabiana Zehner

The present anthology is the result of the conference ‘Spatial transformation: processes, strategies and research design’. This conference was organised by the TRUST/ARL Doctoral Colloquium and took place in the Leibnizhaus in Hanover on 23- 24 May 2018 with over 50 participants. The thematic focus is based on the introductory remarks by Rüdiger Glaser in the context of global change, the age of the Anthropocene (Crutzen 2002) and planetary boundaries (Rockström/Steffen/Noone et al. 2009; Steffen/Richardson/Rockström et al. 2015) – all of which necessitate a transformation towards more sustainable lifestyles. When considering spatial transformation processes and the possibilities of shaping them from a scientific perspective, the term ‘Great Transformation’, coined by Karl Polanyi (1978) (WBGU [German Advisory Council on Global Change] 2011), and the demand for transformation research and transformative research (cf. Schneidewind 2013) serve as a point of reference.

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SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities, SDG 13 - Climate Action
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