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Complete list of publications

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Hack, J., Ojeda-Revah, L., Rubí, M. P., Pradilla, G., Borbor-Cordova, M., Burgueño, G., Eleuterio, A. A., Rivera, D., & Vásquez, A. (2024). Avances de infraestructura verde urbana para la gestión de agua en América Latina. Cuadernos de Geografía: Revista Colombiana de Geografía, 33(1).
Marchetti, S., Secondi, L., & Vargas Lopez, A. (2024). Comparison of Two Different Approaches to Measuring Economic Vulnerability to Food Insecurity: An Application to Mexico Using Official Data. Social Indicators Research.
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Zitzmann, F. (Accepted/In press). Bird use of short rotation coppice strips within a modern silvoarable agroforestry system during the winter season: Comparison of different coppice strip variants and hedgerows. Ornithologischer Anzeiger, 62, 18-30.
Zoch, L., Budig, S. N., & Reich, M. (2024). Sphagnum cultivation sites as habitat for beetles (Coleoptera) and the effect of vegetation structure on species occurrence and abundance. Journal of Insect Conservation, 28(1), 75-88.


Acharki, S., Taia, S., Arjdal, Y., & Hack, J. (2023). Hydrological modeling of spatial and temporal variations in streamflow due to multiple climate change scenarios in northwestern Morocco. Climate Services, 30, [100388].
Brendler, V., & Fücker, S. (Accepted/In press). Energiewende im Dialog: Zur Kopplung von politischer Beteiligung und dialogischem Wissenstransfer. In Forschungsbasierter Wissenstransfer und Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt Campus-Verlag.
Brenes, R. B., Morales, M., Oreamuno, R., & Hack, J. (2023). Variation in the hydrological response within the Quebrada Seca watershed in Costa Rica resulting from an increase of urban land cover. Urban water journal, 20(5), 575-591.
Brenner, J., Schmidt, S., & Albert, C. (2023). Localizing and prioritizing roof greening opportunities for urban heat island mitigation: insights from the city of Krefeld, Germany. Landscape ecology, 38(7), 1697-1712.
Burth, A., Brenner, J., & Egger, M. S. (2023). Einnahmeentwicklung und geographische Verbreitung der Zweitwohnungsteuer. Zeitschrift für Kommunalfinanzen, 73(11), 241-246.
Chapa, F., Perez Rubi, M., & Hack, J. (2023). A Systematic Assessment for the Co-Design of Green Infrastructure Prototypes: A Case Study in Urban Costa Rica. Sustainability (Switzerland), 15(3), [2478].
Chen, C., Loft, L., Sattler, C., & Matzdorf, B. (2023). Developing regional voluntary carbon markets for peatlands: innovation processes and influencing factors. Climate Policy, 23(2), 238-253.
Chen, C., Loft, L., & Matzdorf, B. (2023). Lost in action: Climate friendly use of European peatlands needs coherence and incentive-based policies. Environmental Science and Policy, 145, 104-115.
Ehling, J., Zitzmann, F., Diekmann, L., & Reich, M. (2023). Eine Paludikultur mit Schilf und Rohrkolben in der Etablierungsphase als Lebensraum für Libellen. Libellula, 42(1/2), 27-47.
Elliott, T., Thompson, A., Klein, A. M., Albert, C., Eisenhauer, N., Jansen, F., Schneider, A., Sommer, M., Straka, T., Settele, J., Sporbert, M., Tanneberger, F., & Mupepele, A. C. (2023). Abandoning grassland management negatively influences plant but not bird or insect biodiversity in Europe. Conservation Science and Practice, 5(10), [e13008].
Fu, W., Ran, C., Huang, J., Chen, Z., Fan, S., Fang, W., Ye, M., Dong, J., Yao, X., & Chen, Z. (2023). Can acoustic indices reflect the characteristics of public recreational behavioral in urban green spaces? Ecological indicators, 154, [110729].
Fücker, S., Crückeberg, J., & Dirksmeier, P. (Accepted/In press). Anders-Orte des Zusammenhalts: Zur Erforschung künstlerischer Formate des Wissenstransfers. In Forschungsbasierter Wissenstransfer und Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt: Theorie, Empirie, Konzepte und Instrumente (Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt; Vol. 6). Campus-Verlag.
Fücker, S., Backhaus-Maul, H., Grimmig, M., Kamuf, V., Nuske, J., & Quent, M. (Eds.) (Accepted/In press). Forschungsbasierter Wissenstransfer und gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt: Theorie, Empirie, Konzepte und Instrumente. (Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt; Vol. 6). Campus-Verlag.
Fücker, S. (Accepted/In press). Wissen »was die Welt […] zusammenhält« – Verständigungen über nützliches Wissen. In Forschungsbasierter Wissenstransfer und Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt: Theorie, Empirie, Konzepte und Instrumente (Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt; Vol. 6). Campus-Verlag.
Greinke, L., Mehnen, N., Lamberg, J., & Triantis, L. (2023). Conclusion. In The Future of Central Urban Areas: Sustainable Planning and Design Perspectives from Thessaloniki, Greece. (pp. 119-120)

Members of the Institute of Environmental Planning publish additional datasets connected to  publications and reserach projects. The link takes you to the research portal of Leibniz Universität Hannover, which lists these datasets and links to their location on the web. The datasets are primarily open-access.