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Hochschulen als Agenten des Wandels für eine nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung?

Hochschulen und nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung aus der Transition-Perspektive

authored by
Daniel Schiller, Helga Kanning, Gesa Pflitsch, Verena Radinger-Peer, Tim Freytag

In this article, universities are conceptualized as agents of change for sustainable regional development from the perspective of transition research and the multi-level perspective. The contribution first deals with the target dimension of sustainable regional development in relation to universities and their subsystems. It then addresses the question of what transition research can contribute to understanding change processes in universities and higher education systems. Finally, university-related challenges in supporting sustainable regional development processes with a focus on the Third Mission will be discussed. The paper concludes that sustainability transformation should be designed in interaction with the specific regional context of the university. Regional strategies for integrating higher education institutions should therefore regard them both as agents of change and as objects of transformation

Institute of Environmental Planning
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Philipps-Universität Marburg
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University of Greifswald
University of Freiburg
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119 - 176
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