SpongeScapes: Neues EU Projekt zu Schwammlandschaften

SpongeScapes: a new EU project to address climate impacts

Alluvial landscape (M. Großmann/

Kick-off of the SpongeSpaces project to advance sponge landscapes

The SpongeScapes Project will accelerate solutions that improve sponge functioning of the soil, groundwater, and surface water systems. SpongeScapes started in October, 2023, and is funded by the European Union as part of the Horizon Europe programme. The project brings together ten European partners and will run until 2027. Responsible for the coordination of the project is Deltares, a not-for-profit, Dutch knowledge institute for water and the subsurface. Prof. Dr. Christian Albert at the Institute of Environmental Planning is leading a sub-project, focusing on the collaborative planning of sponge landscapes with Geodesign

The SpongeScapes project aims to counteract the consequences of climate change by improving the natural sponge function of landscapes and their resilience to flood and drought. Existing solutions are to be further developed and implemented on a large scale together with local stakeholders.