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Second Open Science Community Hannover Meetup on 24 August 2023

Second Open Science Community Hannover Meetup on 24 August 2023

On Thursday, August 24, the Open Science Community Hannover (OSCH) met from 4 to 6 pm at innovercity (former Kaufhof building) in Hannover.

“In a nutshell, Open Science describes an on-going movement in the way research is performed, researchers collaborate, knowledge is shared, and science is organised. It affects the whole research cycle and its stakeholders, enhances science by facilitating more transparency, openness, networking and collaboration. Open Science opens up scientific processes and products from all levels to everyone. As such it includes Open Access, Open Research Data, Open Methodology, Open Evaluation, Citizen Science” (OpenAIRE 2017).

At the meetup, Johannes Hermes (working group Landscape Planning and Nature Conservation) presented barriers to open science in environmental planning, including the use of proprietary software and data, challenges in publishing methods and moving them towards open source code or software, and in making research results more accessible to the wider public. Possibilities for strengthening open science were then discussed, in particular the role of funding agencies and the use of open source software in teaching. Are you interested in Open Science, Open Scholarship, Open Science Policy, Open Peer review, Open Source Software and the importance of reproducibility, transparency, and inclusivity in research? Are you interested in discussing current trends in Open Science, share your ideas to improve research culture and network with like-minded individuals? Then visit the Open Science Community Hannover webpage and register to stay tuned!

The open OSCH plans to meet quarterly at different locations to discuss a wide variety of topics related to Open Science. The next meeting is expected to take place on 30 November 2023 at the Institute of Environmental Planning. You are welcome to join and invited to contribute your own topics.

The presentation slides for the lecture on August 24th can be found here: Barriers to Open Science in Environmental Planning (PDF).