Netzwerk von Nachwuchswissenschaftlern/-innen forscht zu Antworten auf komplexe Umweltprobleme in Europäischen Großstädten mithilfe naturbasierter Lösungen

Network of early career researchers explores answers to complex environmental problems in European cities using nature-based solutions

Jochen Hack and Manuel Beissler of the Institute of Environmental Planning are part of the Creative Advanced Thinking network for the transformation of cities towards more sustainable living spaces for its inhabitants.

The European interdisciplinary team "cat - reshape cities", consisting of scientists from research institutions in Lisbon, Geisenheim, Barcelona, Paris and Hanover, deals with complex socio-ecological challenges of our time in urban areas. The aspects addressed include air and water quality, biodiversity, climate change, social justice, and economic system and mobility transformation towards more sustainable cities.
A core element of the work is the upscaling and mainstreaming of nature-based solutions and urban green infrastructure using highly innovative ideas for improved multifunctionality and integral cost-benefit sharing.

With their different backgrounds and disciplines, the network members complement each other to create, integrate and transfer the technical, political and transformative knowledge that social-ecological transformations require.