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Dataset on biodiversity and agronomic performance of lentil and chickpea field trials in the Mediterranean Region

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Anna-Lena Vollheyde, Dulcenombre Rodriguez Navarro, Marcelino de los Mozos Pascual, María Cristina Alcántara Ramírez, Sanja Sikora, Ivana Rajnović, Imran Hammami, Darine Trabelsi, Christina von Haaren

Pulse crops have become more important in food production and consumption systems for the transition towards sustainability. We present an agroecological dataset from 304 samples from 12 legume field trials in five locations across three countries in the Mediterranean. The field trials were established in the seasons 2021/22 and 2022/23 and tested different lentil or chickpea cultivars, inoculants, intercropping and weeding regimes. The dataset encompasses detailed information on wild flora diversity, grain yield, associated management practices, soil texture and weather during the growing period. Wild flora diversity was recorded by conducting a vegetation survey in 1 × 2 m sample plots. Grain yield was determined at the crop maturity stage, with full plots harvested in Spain, while samples were taken in Croatia and Tunisia. Environmental variables were via laboratory analysis or bottle testing of soil samples and analysis of local weather data. The comprehensiveness of the dataset, including all relevant agroecological information, enables other researchers to employ the dataset for various statistical analyses of agroecosystem processes, such as plant-environment interactions or biodiversity-yield trade-off analysis.

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Andalusian Institute for Research and Training in Agriculture, Fishery, Food and Ecological Production (IFAPA)
Regional Institute of Agri-Food and Forestry Research and Development of Castilla-La Mancha (IRIAF)
University of Zagreb
Universität Tunis El Manar
Centre de Biotechnologie de Borj Cédria (CBBC)
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