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MANUELA - Management System Nature Conservation for a Sustainable Agriculture

Aiming at a sustainable and conservation orientated farm management, today farmers need more and more farm related technical information. However this kind of information is hardly available. Existing computing systems for environmental assessment on the farm level don't cover issues such as biodiversity or landscape aesthetics sufficiently. Also the potentials of geographical information systems (GIS) are not used for nature conservation managment on the farms.

The software MANUELA, the german acronym for management system for nature conservation and a sustainable agriculture, fills this gap and was developed at the Institute of Environmental Planning. MANUELA is a new open source system with a specifically adapted GIS for farm management an nature conservation advisory service.

The software supports farmers in:

  • obeying the legal requirements and minimum standards of good farming practice and cross compliance,
  • depicting and assessing benefits with regard to biodiversity and landscape aesthetics,
  • analysing pressure effects and (biotope-)development potentials,
  • identifying the water erosion risk,
  • planning measures for sustainable farm management and
  • calculating costs of maintanance and conservation measures.

(Further) Development
Prototypes of MANUELA were tested on farms in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt an Mecklenburg-Vorpommern  (projects "Naturschutz in einem Betriebsmanagementsystem" and "Naturschutz Peenetal"). Within ongoing research projects the software will be continously enhanced and  sampeld in respect of its practical suitability for further farms in different federal states (projects "Firmen fördern Vielfalt" and "Ökobilanzierung von Biogasanlagen").

Technical Details
MANUELA is implemented as an add-on (Plug-In) for the open source-GIS Open Jump*. Within the system master data as well as technical and geodata are managed by a PostgreSQL-data basis. The access from Open Jump to the data basis is carried out by JDBC (Java Database Connectivity).

* After the successful installation the menue item 'MANUELA' can be found  in the upper menue bar of Open Jump.

The module MANUELA in OpenJump
The module MANUELA in OpenJump


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Working paper, 20.02.2018, Institute of Environmental Planning, Hannover. Link zum pdf

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