Twenty-Five Years of EIA in Germany: Our Child Has Grown Up.

Twenty-Five Years of EIA in Germany: Our Child Has Grown Up.

Categories Veröffentlichungen (Bücher und Artikel) ab 2000
Year 2012
Authors Wende, Wolfgang; Scholles, Frank; Hartlik, Joachim
Published In In: Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management 14 (4): 15ff.


Abstract: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been formally applied in Germany since 1990, and has over time developed a methodological and technical routine in environmental planning practice. It can now be considered an established instrument; nonetheless, substantial challenges to the further development of the EIA, and to even stronger implementation of environmental requirements in planning and decision-making practice in Germany, still exist. This paper reports briefly on the application and the main achievements of the EIA in Germany, and, in the second section, primarily provides a perspective for addressing remaining and new challenges involving this instrument. The paper also includes specific proposals for the further optimization of the EIA at the EU level, as well as for Germany. The current status and future challenges facing the EIA, which are described herein, range from screening and scoping through public participation and monitoring to the area of application.

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