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Comparing landscape value patterns between participatory mapping and geolocated social media content across Europe

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Anton Stahl Olafsson, Ross S. Purves, Flurina M. Wartmann, Maria Garcia-Martin, Nora Fagerholm, Mario Torralba, Christian Albert, Laura N.H. Verbrugge, Vuokko Heikinheimo, Tobias Plieninger, Claudia Bieling, Roope Kaaronen, Maximilian Hartmann, Christopher M. Raymond

In this study, we bring together participatory mapping and analysis of geolocated social media content from the Flickr platform in an assessment of similarities and differences in their utility for landscape value elicitation. We do so in a Pan-European context comparing types of landscape values and their spatial patterns across 19 case sites in 11 European countries. Across these sites, we find great variety in volume, types and spatial patterns of landscape values elicited from participatory mapping by local people and opportunistic use of tags and image locations crowdsourced from Flickr. Most agreement in spatial patterns across the two data sets are found in densely populated landscapes; however, comparison of types of perceived landscape values is challenged by the differing assumptions of each value elicitation technique. We argue for the complementary potential of both approaches and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of using the two together in landscape research, planning and management. An integrated approach is likely to increase the inclusiveness of landscape value assessments.

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