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Teodora (Dora) Dogaru

Dr. Dora Dogaru

Dr. Dora Dogaru
Dr. Dora Dogaru


  • Regional and urban policy consultant
  • Guest lecturer

Research interests:

  • Intra and cross-regional growth policies
  • Urban economic transitions
  • Smart and sustainable cities
  • Economic and societal ecosystems
  • Cultural identity and urban planning


  • Selected list of publications:
    • Frank Van Oort & Teodora Dogaru (2022) “Als capitaal de stad overneemt”, Boek recensie; Gebieds Ontwikkeling
    • Frank Van Oort, Nicola Cortinovis & Teodora Dogaru (2020), “Mapping relatedness and varieties in EU regions” in Capello R., Kleibrink A. & M. Matusiak (eds). Quantitative methods for place-based innovation policy. Measuring the growth potential of regions, Edward Elgar, pp. 45-75.
    • Teodora Dogaru, Nicola Cortinovis & Frank van Oort (2016), “Smart Specialisation and Local Economic Development in Central Eastern Europe”. In P. McCann, F. van Oort & J. Goddard (eds.), Empirical and Institutional Dimensions of Smart Specialisation.  London: Routledge, pp. 145-164.
    • Frank Van Oort, Stefan de Geus & Teodora Dogaru (2016), “Related variety and regional economic growth in a cross-section of European urban regions” in Camagni R. & R. Capello Second-rank cities in Europe: structural dynamics and growth potential, Routledge, Chapter 4
    • Teodora Dogaru, Martijn Burger, Bas Karreman & Frank van Oort (2015), “Functional and Sectoral Division of Labour within Central and Eastern European Countries: Evidence from Greenfield FDI". Journal of Economic and Social Geography (TESG) 106, pp. 120-129.
    • Frank van Oort, Stefan de Geus & Teodora Dogaru (2015), “Related Variety and Regional Economic Growth in a Cross-section of European Regions”. European Planning Studies 23, pp. 1110-1127.
    • Teodora Dogaru, Frank van Oort & Mark Thissen (2014), “Economic development, place-based development strategies and the conceptualisation of proximity in European urban regions” in Andre Torre & Frederic Wallet (eds.) Regional Development and Proximity Relations. Edward Elgar, pp.333-358.
    • Teodora Dogaru, Martijn Burger, Frank van Oort & Bas Karreman (2014), “The Geography of Multinational Corporations in CEE Countries: Perspectives for Second-Tier City Regions and European Cohesion Policy”. Investigaciones Regionales 29, pp. 193 – 214.
    • Teodora Dogaru, Frank van Oort, Dario Diodato & Mark Thissen (2014), “Agglomeration and knowledge in European regional growth” in Sven Conventz, Ben Derudder, Alain Thierstein & Frank Witlox Hub cities in the knowledge economy – seaports, airports, brainports, Surrey: Ashgate, pp. 181-201.
    • Teodora Dogaru, Frank van Oort and Mark Thissen (2011), “Agglomeration Economies in European Regions: Perspective for Objective 1 Regions”. Journal of Economic and Social Geography (TESG) 102(4), pp.486-494.
  • Research projects:

    A selection of themes includes:

    • regional/local growth policy recommendations for transition economies
    • lifelong learning and increasing the rate of high-skilled workers on the labour market
    • business & innovation and cultural cross-border cooperation for regional cohesion and multiculturalism in Europe
    • the inclusion of disadvantaged groups on the labour market through entrepreneurial policies
  • Previously (co-) taught courses:
    • Regional Economic Policy in Europe (MA)
    • Writing and implementing European projects within the European Cohesion Policy (MA)
    • Urban entrepreneurship and business development strategies within regional and national growth policies (BA)
    • Applied Business English (BA)

Currently teaching:

EU Regional Policies

Master: Environmental and regional planning