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Measures for Biodiversity

authored by
Christoffer Lange-Kabitz, Birte Bredemeier, Christina von Haaren, Jan Barkmann

Response measures for safeguarding and increasing biodiversity can be derived from biodiversity assessments. They may aim to maintain and protect the valuable well-functioning areas, to mitigate or eliminate damaging influences or develop or restore the sites with the best potential for success. The choice of these measures depends on the habitat development potential of the site, the value and endangerment of the existing biodiversity present and the habitat connectivity. This chapter introduces the basic principles of these different approaches and presents examples of measures to maintain or develop the biodiversity state of field and grassland habitats in agricultural landscapes. In addition, we outline the case for habitat banking as a specific example of an economic means of implementation. Overall, the chapter gives an initial insight into the variety of response measures and starting points for their derivation.

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