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Theories and Methods for Ecosystem Services Assessment in Landscape Planning

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Christina von Haaren, Andrew Lovett, Christian Albert

This chapter introduces the key theoretical and methodological concepts for landscape planning in Europe. A short portrait of landscape planning and its contribution to supporting sustainable landscape development provides insights into the capabilities of an integrative environmental planning tool that cuts across different sectors and levels of decision-making. The chapter then presents landscape planning procedures following the so-called DPSIR framework – Driving forces, Pressures, the State of the landscape, Impacts, and potential Response options. A subsequent discussion outlines how the concept of ecosystem services can be adapted to best integrate with the practice-oriented focus of landscape planning. Finally, the chapter provides some guidance on methodological aspects of landscape planning for ecosystem services, acknowledging the multiple types of values, scale issues, and the need for comparability of results, communication of uncertainties and transparency in the derivation of responses.

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University of East Anglia
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