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Modelling flows of recreational ecosystem services in Germany

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Johannes Hermes, Christian Albert, Christina Von Haaren

While policy interest and research on recreational ecosystem services (RES) has increased substantially, insights into the actual flows of benefits to people have remained scarce, especially at levels beyond local communities. The aim of this paper is to model RES flows and benefits for Germany. We use Germany as a case study due its diversity of landscapes and availability of relevant spatial and empirical data. We develop and apply an assessment approach that considers RES demand and supply based on user preferences. Our results show distinct demand-supply matches and mismatches, for example in south-west Germany, and highest flows near population centres. Monetary benefits are highest in counties with high RES Supply that are close to densely populated areas. Our results can usefully inform planning and decision making, for example to improve and further justify destination management, landscape development and investments in RES at local, regional and national levels.

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