Logo: Institute of  Environmental Planning/Leibniz Universität Hannover
Logo: Institute of  Environmental Planning/Leibniz Universität Hannover
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 ... to the Institute of Environmental Planning!

  • How is climate change affecting plants in the Harz Mountains and the Luneburg Heath?
  • Which plants are best at stabilizing banks and slopes?
  • What is the fox doing in the city parks?
  • How can the planning process be made more effective through modern communications technology?
  • In what direction are our villages developing?
  • What is actually a ‚nice landscape‘?

Our themes in teaching and research encompass the protection of nature and the environment. This includes the coordination and moderation of different land-use demands, while pursuing sustainable development. 
Within the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Science, three institutes, the Institute for Environmental Planning (IUP), the Institute for Spatial Planning (IF) and the Institute for Landscape Architecture (ILA), form the Landscape Group. These institutes are responsible for the following programs:

  • Bachelor’s program entitled ‘Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning’, and
  • Master’s program ‘Environmental Planning’ and ‘Landscape Architecture.’  

Additionally, a new course of study begins in the winter semester of 2014/15:

  • European Master in Territorial Development.

All formal information on these courses of study (application, organization, pre-placement training) can be found on the internet site of the Landscape Group.